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Which Saws Is Ideal for Cutting Panels

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Types Of Panel Saws

1. Sliding Table Saw

The frame, main saw, grooving saw, lateral guide baffle, working table, sliding push table, bracket, miter saw angle display device, and side guide baffle are the eight major components of the sliding table saw machine. The aluminum workbench is physically moved in order to cut, while the primary and scribing saw blades remain motionless. High precision processing is made possible by the worktable's distinctive guide rail arrangement, which makes manual pushing and feeding simple and accurate.

This panel saw can cut a variety of wood boards neatly and with great cutting power. Furthermore, products made with it may be used to make furniture such as tables, cabinets, doors, and cabinet boards.

2. Computer Beam Saw

The saw is computer-controlled and runs automatically to promote safety by removing human mistake and reducing needless losses. One operator may watch several machines at once thanks to the user-friendly interface, which also provides instruction and alarms for problem rectification. A well tuned servo system regulates the precision of feeding, while a manipulator holds the wood in place. With top panel saw kits, accurate guide rails guarantee the saw frame's accuracy, improving cutting precision and productivity.

Computer Panel Saw With Front Loading Platform

In comparison to its predecessor, what distinguishes the new intelligent computer panel saw?  Its distinct loading platform at the front enables workers to load panels automatically, saving a great deal of time and effort.

Panel Saw Machine

Computer Panel Saw With Rear Feeding Device

An innovative control system enables complete automation in the computerized panel saw with rear feeding. It has push handles, twin beams, air floating platform, infrared protection, rear feeding, and an automated lifting platform. This technology guarantees excellent processing quality and intelligent operation. With a maximum cutting length of 3800mm and a thickness of 120mm, the saw blade is simply replaceable.

Panel Saw Machine Samples

Using our TIEGE CNC panel saw, the cross-sections that are shown below were cut. It is clear that the sliced plate has a glossy, smooth surface. And the thickness of the cut board can also be thick or thin.

Panel Saw Operation Precautions


Panel Saw Operation Precautions

1. Check the positioning of the machine head and tool holder before turning on the CNC panel saw. Make sure there is no clutter on the workstation.

2. Before using the panel saw machine, make sure all of the screws are snug. Tighten any that are loose beforehand.

3. Check that the two saw blades are aligned and spin in the proper direction.

4. To ensure regular functioning, let the panel saw machine run at idle for one to two minutes.

5. Verify that the processed board is unyielding and firmly pressed up against the block.

6. Gradually advance the machine tool by adjusting the cutting speed according to the thickness and hardness of the plate.

7. To move the board forward while cutting, use wooden strips.

8. During the procedure, wear a mask; stay away from gloves and baggy clothes.

9. If necessary, use lengthy attachments rather of reaching your hands too close to the revolving saw blade.

10. In order to avoid board cracking or processing quality problems, replace the saw blade if there are edge corner faults.

11. Turn off the machine and give the saw table and surrounding areas a thorough cleaning after finishing the cutting activity.

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