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PUR Profile Wrapping Machine

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Surface finishing is accomplished by the use of profile wrapping. Laminating paper, veneer, or PVC surfaces to metal (particularly aluminum) or wood-based (MDF, HDF, chipboard) surfaces or PVC work pieces is done with a PUR profile wrapping machine.

The PUR glue that is used in this process is well known for its strong bonding properties as well as its resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. The machine incorporates features that allow for precise and efficient profile encasing, such as temperature control, speed customization, and accurate cutting.

PUR profile wrapping machine

12 Type Of PUR Profile Wrapping Machines

1. PUR Profile Wrapping Film Lamination Machine

The machine is widely used for wrapping wooden profiles, such as furniture components, doors, skirting boards, and window frames. It provides a coating that strengthens and enhances the profiles' look, acting as a decorative element in addition to providing protection.

PUR Profile Wrapping Film Lamination Machine

2. Hot Melt Emulsion Rolling Press Machine

The machine's purpose is to wrap decorative molding lines, metal components, and surfaces covered in leather, PVC, veneer, and other materials. It is renowned for its simple operation, quick lamination, robust adherence, and bubble-free wrapping on parts with different forms.

Hot Melt Emulsion Rolling Press Machine

3. Aluminium/ PVC / Paper/ Film/ Melamine/ Wood Door Profile Wrapping Machine

Packaging profiles used in the production of PVC, aluminum, paper, film, melamine, and wooden doors is a popular usage for this equipment. It enhances the doors' durability and aesthetic appeal by adding a covering that both decorates and protects them.

Aluminium/ PVC / Paper/ Film/ Melamine/ Wood Door Profile Wrapping Machine

4. Melamine Board PUR Profile Wrapping Machine

This machine is frequently used to wrap melamine boards for furniture manufacture, such as tabletops, wardrobes, cabinets, and shelves. It provides a smooth, durable finish to the melamine boards, enhancing their appearance and protecting them from environmental factors like dampness and scratches.

Melamine Board PUR Profile Wrapping Machine

5. Hotmelt (PUR) Wrapping Veneer Machine For Wood with Different Shapes

With its ability to wrap veneer around wood surfaces of various sizes and forms, the equipment allows for personalization in a wide range of woodworking projects. This includes applications in store displays, interior design, and other specialized carpentry jobs.

Hotmelt (PUR) Wrapping Veneer Machine For Wood with Different Shapes

6. EVA Hot Melt Glue Profile Furniture Panel Wrapping Machine

Panels that are used for wall panels, ceiling panels, and ornamental panels are packaged using this technology. By applying a decorative coating, it improves the panels' visual attractiveness and provides weather protection.

EVA Hot Melt Glue Profile Furniture Panel Wrapping Machine

7. Woodworking Roller Spreading Profile Wrapping Machine

By applying glue to profiles uniformly and producing a perfect, long-lasting bond, the machine ensures an excellent result. The end products' durability and aesthetic appeal may both benefit from this.

Woodworking Roller Spreading Profile Wrapping Machine

8. Hot And Cold Glue MDF Profile Wrapping Melamine

This machine offers flexibility and adaptability in production since it can wrap using both hot and cold adhesive. is made to make sure that the MDF profiles are wrapped accurately and efficiently.

Hot And Cold Glue MDF Profile Wrapping Melamine

9. Scrap-Coating Profile Wrapping Machine

The machine is frequently used to package wooden profiles, such as moldings, trims, and accent pieces, that have uneven surfaces. It makes it possible to apply ornamental materials to the profiles, enhancing their appearance and durability, such as veneer, foil, or laminate.

Scrap-Coating Profile Wrapping Machine

10. Cold Glue Profile Wrapping Machine For Kitchen Cabinets

This machine is designed to cover profiles with ornamental materials using cold glue adhesive. Profiles are typically made of materials like MDF or particle board. The machine works well for wrapping cabinet frame profiles in addition to covering cabinet doors.

Cold Glue Profile Wrapping Machine For Kitchen Cabinets

11. UPVC Profile Wrapping Machine

The machine can produce profiles for UPVC skirting boards. This makes it possible to add ornamental elements to the profiles, enhancing their appearance and quality for a variety of interior design applications.

UPVC Profile Wrapping Machine

12. Thermofoil Wrapping Machine

Thermofoil films are wrapped around wall panels by the machine. This program is frequently used in professional environments where a clean, modern look is desired, such as offices, hotels, and retail spaces.

Thermofoil Wrapping Machine

PUR Glue Characteristics

It contains a 100% complete solids content and neither water nor solvent. It's an eco-friendly, high-performing polyurethane glue that addresses the growing attention to environmental issues on a national and worldwide scale. Excellent resistance to solvents, water, and heat creep is shown. The overall performance of this reactive polyurethane hot melt glue is better than that of ordinary hot melt glue. Like ordinary hot melt glue, it has the same properties as solvent-free glue, including high initial adhesive strength, fast placement, and resistance to water, heat, cold, creep, and medium. Reactive polyurethane hot melt glue has these qualities. When applying PUR glue, the temperature is 120°C lower than when applying regular glue, which typically varies between 150°C and 180°C.


● Furniture manufacturing

● Door manufacturing

● Window manufacturing

● Molding and trim production

● Panel production

● Custom woodworking projects

8 Steps To Apply Profile Wrapping Machine

1. Preparation

The profiles that are going to be wrapped are prepared by giving them a thorough washing, sanding, and dusting.

2. Material Selection

A suitable wrapping material is selected, preferably with the desired color, pattern, or texture, such as veneer, paper, or thin film.

3. Loading

The material is put into the profile wrapping machine. The material may need to be pre-cut into rolls or strips for some machines in order to make handling it easier.

4. Heating

The material is warmed by the machine to make it more pliable and sticky. The kind of wrapping material used will dictate this step.

5. Wrapping

Once the profiles are put into the machine, the material is automatically applied to their surfaces. The apparatus makes use of vacuum mechanisms, rollers, or belts to ensure accurate application and adherence.

6. Trimming And Cutting

The excess material around the margins of the profiles is removed with knives or other tools. The substance can be precisely measured by the machine if necessary.

7. Finishing Touches

To enhance the appearance or functionality of the coated profiles, additional processes like pressing, grooving, or embossing might be applied.

8. Inspection And Quality Control

The wrapped profiles are examined to look for flaws or faults. This ensures that only excellent finished goods are offered.

When compared to human wrapping procedures, producers may wrap profiles more efficiently and consistently with the use of a profile wrapping machine, which also saves time and labor.

profile wrapping machine

About PUR profile wrapping machines, are you interested in knowing more? Contact us, and our Sales Engineers will be happy to give you advice on how to improve your process!



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