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Take innovation as the mission of Guangzhou Tiege Woodworking Machiery CO.,LTD was founded in 2000,it is the China first“Machine·,glue”integration decoration production line of professional manufacturers.
As per China Domestic market ,the "machine, glue" for a long time separation ,(machinery) and glue  belong to different suppliers, the quality of surface decoration is difficult to guarantee and waste time and funds , our company are brave in exploitation, to develop a full range of polyurethane hot melt adhesive (PUR) woodworking machinery series."Machine, glue" in full laminating and wrapping production line, to solve the problems of traditional panel type furniture production and processing products seamless, no color difference, edge with the plate color, and continuous joint, with precise, beautiful, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, save money, etc, by Chinese and foreign clients as: the first "fast and save machine" in the field of surface decoration machine.
PUR glue is company wholly owned enterprise---Guangzhou Sen Xin Resin Co., LTD. The products is PUR laminating glue ,PUR edge banding and PUR wrapping glue ect. German  latest technology and process, is the company's scientific research team and hunan university senxin glue research centers cooperation products. Has three national invention patent applications, and has set up by the world's largest furniture and household goods retailer, Sweden "IKEA" (IKEA) has just joined supply manufacturers of quality testing, its use permission; At the same time to obtain the certificates of MSDS Report.
“Faith moves mountains”. our products sold abroad, such as USA, Russian, Asia, Europe ,middle east and so on more than 50 countries. Now, the company is standing at a new starting, in the market globalization, the enterprise collectivization, digital products, the modernization of management of "four modernizations" target moving forward.




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