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Woodworking machinery refers to a type of machine tool that processes semi-finished wood products into wood products in the wood processing technology. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery. The machinery and equipment commonly used in woodworking are generally divided into these categories, such as cladding, sawing, drilling, edge banding, sanding and woodworking machine tools.
Tiege is a factory specializing in the research, development and production of woodworking machinery and equipment. The current products mainly include PUR laminating machine,sawing, planing, milling, carving, grinding and other series of wood processing equipment. Products are exported to US,Nigeria, Angola, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and other countries.Tiege PUR lamination machine has been applied in Sports / Textile / Bedding / Medical / Military / Building/ Composite material industries from 94 countries! We have abundant experiences in manufacturing Textile lamination machine, EVA lamination machine, PVC lamination machine, Extrusion coating machine, customized coating machine ... and so on.

13 Features & Benefits of PUR laminating machine

1.Our PUR laminating machine uses the hot melt glue to stick the PVC film or sheet on the products.Hot melt adhesive makes it possible to produce environmentally friendly products, and the whole process of lamination is pollution-free.PUR laminating machine, also called hot melt glue laminating machine, has better stick function than cold glue lamination machine. And it is also environment friendly.

2.PUR laminating machine uses the hot melt glue to stick the PVC film or sheet on the products.With this PUR laminating machine, the material is firmly bonded, and the product is soft, comfortable, washable and breathable.We offer excellent quality at an affordable price.

3.Adopt programmable logic controller system control, touch screen, modular design structure, easy to operate.PUR lamination machine has the same working principle as ceiling lamination machine. The difference is in the roller and the length of the machines.

4.Uniform pressure and stable glue output.Tension-free unwinding device makes the laminated material smooth and flat to ensure good bonding effect.Lifting cylinder pressure is adjustable.

5.Good quality, no glue opening: The lines of the coating machine produced by polyurethane PUR hot melt adhesive do not open glue at -40°C to 150°C. Through the crank handle to open and close at equal distances to both sides of the center, the movement of the profile can be kept in a precise straight line. Avoid uneven conveying force of profiles and swing.Fabric and film openers also make feeding smooth and level.

6.For four-way stretchable fabrics, a special fabric transfer/conveying system can be installed on the laminating machine.

7.Parallel centering device to ensure orderly feeding."Teflon" coating on the pressure plate, effectively reduce carbides and facilitate cleaning.

8.Glue level (empty barrel) alarm.

9.The rubber bucket hoop is very easy to locate, and the automatic inflation of the bucket is very convenient.Specially designed gluing system to control the amount of glue and ensure the accuracy.

10.The temperature of each temperature zone is independently controlled.Hot melt glue machine, accurate and stable temperature control.

11.Plate type platen, less residual glue, fast heating speed and uniform temperature.

12.System self-diagnosis and automatic detection, safe design.

13.The final laminate can be rewound into small or large rolls.

Types of laminating machine 

PET Laminating Machine

Fully automatic computer program control, automatically completes gluing, heating veneer, drying, two cold pressing, three hot pressing in one, conveyed by chain and sprocket, compact and reasonable structure, convenient operation, adjustable speed. It is suitable for the surface veneer of fireproof boards, and can also be used for deep processing and veneering of various wood boards (plywood, gypsum board, MDF, particleboard). Such as wood grain paper, aluminum foil, paint-free paper, polymer film, etc. It can be produced Luxurious decorative panels of various colors. Profits are multiplied, suitable for furniture factories, wood-based panel factories, township enterprises and self-employed production. The equipment is divided into large, medium and small models, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Advantages: Based on the principle of high quality of products and convenient use of customers, the products have good effects and save labor.
1. The chain drive is upgraded to realize gapless drive and ensure consistent line speed.
2. Digital control, the distance between the roller and the plate realizes digital automatic control of lifting.
3. Conveyor belt conveying instead of conveying roller, even the thin sheet can be conveyed at a constant speed.
4. The gluing system, the two motors are adjusted separately, and the gluing is automatically added, which is convenient and evenly gluing.
5. Inflatable shaft feeding, screw shaft unfolding.

PUR Hot Melt Laminating Machine

The PUR hot-melt laminating machine uses solvent-free and environmentally friendly PUR hot-melt adhesive, which can fit the composite materials required by various markets such as cloth and cloth, cloth and film. The composite product has the characteristics of environmental protection and non-toxicity, good adhesion and softness, high and low temperature resistance, not easily affected by temperature after moisture reaction, durable elasticity, wear resistance, oil resistance, and anti-aging.

Advantages of PUR Hot Melt Laminating Machine

1. The PUR hot melt adhesive used is solvent-free and is an ideal green glue
2. No drying, fast compounding speed and high production efficiency
3. The composite product has good washing fastness, good hand feeling, good air permeability and strong three-dimensional feeling

How does the PUR hot melt laminating machine achieve green environmental protection?

The glue selected is PUR hot melt adhesive, which is solvent-free and one-liquid type. Unlike water-based and solvent-based adhesives, which requires a drying process, there is no environmental pollution and poisoning problems caused by solvents, and it meets environmental protection requirements. There is no residual solvent in the product, no pollution discharge problem in production, energy saving and small floor space.

What is PUR hot melt adhesive?
PUR hot melt adhesive
PUR hot melt adhesive is a moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. The main component is an isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolymer. In the high temperature state after heating, the PUR hot melt adhesive molecules react with the moisture or active hydrogen substances in the air or on the adherend to form a partial cross-linked network structure, which makes the bonding strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc. The performance is better than the general hot melt adhesive. The adhesiveness and toughness (elasticity) of PUR hot-melt adhesive can be adjusted, and it has the thermoplastic cold-setting properties of ordinary hot-melt adhesives.

How does PUR hot melt laminating machine improve production efficiency?

PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain water and solvents, and does not require drying, so the compounding speed is accelerated. The heat source is oil heat, which heats up quickly and evenly. The independent melting system makes the melting more sufficient and faster.

How does PUR hot melt adhesive save production costs?

Humanized design of the machine, saving operators

PUR hot melt adhesive has good adhesion and low glue consumption

Combined with a small amount of diversified production design, cost saving, digital control system, better operability

How to ensure the product quality of PUR hot melt laminating machine?

Moisture-curing reaction in the process of compounding, irreversible, strong adhesion and good washing fastness

The composite process is fully controlled by linkage, the substrate is not stretched, the weight is light and soft, and the hand feel is good

Dot-shaped mesh gluing, the finished product has good air permeability and strong three-dimensional effect

PUR Panel Laminating Machine

PUR panel laminating machine, a powerful tool for furniture, door industry, cabinets, and new building materials! International new technology can help you! The PUR hot melt adhesive bonding process has been used in Europe and the United States for decades. The technology is mature and the benefits are remarkable!

Why choose PUR panel laminating machine?

1. Safe and non-toxic, meeting the high-level environmental protection standards of adhesives!

2. Quick positioning, no need to press again.

3. Automatic production, linear operation.

Scope of application of PUR panel laminating machine

It is suitable for the lamination of plates and plates, plates and sheets, plates and coils in the fields of furniture, door industry, cabinets, new building materials and so on.

Board: MDF, particle board, PVC foam board, glass magnesium board, wood-plastic board, multi-layer board, gypsum board, extruded board, honeycomb board, etc.

Sheet: acrylic, fireproof board, PVC board, melamine board, metal board, etc.

Coiled material: PVC film, PET film, veneer, etc.

PUR panel compound automatic glue supply system

The control of the automatic glue feeding machine of the PUR sheet laminating machine adopts programmable PLC and touch screen control, which is user-friendly and easy to maintain. The pump system adopts a high-precision gear pump to ensure uniform glue pressure and stable glue output.

How to achieve high efficiency of PUR panel laminating machine?

One-key input of glue amount, PLC automatic processing

One-key input of the thickness of the glued sheet and the thickness of the laminated sheet

The positioning is quick and no secondary pressing is required.

PVC Laminating Machine

With the rapid development of economy, the improvement of technology, and the upgrading of products, professional PVC laminating machines have more and more functions to upgrade on the original basis, and the advantages of professional PVC laminating machines are further highlighted, its role has brought great benefits to people's production and life, so what aspects are it reflected in? Today, the manufacturer of the laminating machine will introduce it to you in detail.

PVC Laminating Machine as known as pvc film lamination machine,PVC sheet lamination machine,PVC laminate sheet machine and PVC laminator.The materials produced in the furniture and decoration industries are inseparable from the professional PVC laminating machine. All kinds of special-shaped components with different shapes are all attached to the surface and side at one time. The surface of the product after being covered with film is elegant, smooth and bright, and it is waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is firmly bonded. It can also prevent harmful substances in the paint on the surface of the product. The pollution of the human body and the environment makes the products look more upscale and affordable. The products packaged by the quality-assured PVC laminating machine are bright in color, and the products after lamination have a good sense of substance.

The professional PVC laminating machine forms a paper-plastic integrated product on the printed matter. The surface of the product after laminating with a quality-assured PVC laminating machine has a thin and transparent plastic film that is smoother and brighter, which not only improves the printed matter. The gloss and firmness of the printed matter is longer, and the printed matter can be used and stored for a longer time, and the plastic film can also play a protective role. The printed product after lamination can play a waterproof role, making the product durable, clear in pattern and strong in three-dimensional sense. If the transparent and bright film is used for lamination, the printed product after lamination has bright color and three-dimensional effect, which is suitable for the packaging of green food and other commodities. If the matte film is used for lamination, the lamination product looks more high-grade, and at the same time increases the added value of the product.

The best-selling PVC laminating machine also has the advantages of small size, simple and flexible operation procedures, and stable and reliable performance. Low power consumption, high work efficiency, easier and faster maintenance, etc.

With the growth of people's consumption level, the higher the grade requirements of the products, the more and more demand for the products covered by the quality-assured PVC laminating machine, the role of the quality-assured PVC laminating machine is further enhanced. Through the technical improvement of major enterprises, the advantages of laminating machines will bring more and more benefits to people.

The above is the whole content of the advantages of PVC laminator introduced by the laminator manufacturer today. I believe you will understand it after reading it. If you need it later, you can contact us by phone or pay attention to our website.



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