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Buy Edge Banding Machine- 2024 New Guide

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The general quality of panel furniture, such as cabinets and closets, is greatly influenced by the quality of the edge banding. It affects the furniture's durability as well as appearance. Edge banding devices are therefore necessary for many sophisticated panel processing firms in order to improve the quality of their furniture. To get better outcomes, furniture companies are racing to improve their machinery. I will now go into further depth about the edge banding machine.

Why Buy Edge Banding Machines?

● By banding the board, the edge bander preserves and accentuates furniture.

● It inhibits formaldehyde leakage from the board, which is important for protecting consumers' health and avoiding furniture deterioration.

● The device machine effectively protects the board from moisture, reducing post-moisture glue and board deformation.

● It strengthens the side board to prevent cracking, improving the stability and quality of the furniture.

Edge Banding Machine|What Can It Do?

With its ability to automate a number of tasks, including pre-milling, gluing, end trimming, rough and fine trimming, scraping, polishing, and slotting, the CNC edge banding machine replaces the labor-intensive manual edge banding process. It is frequently employed in the production of solid wood goods and panel furniture.

1. Pre-milling

The nested CNC router or panel saw produces corrugated markings, burrs, or non-vertical problems that may be adjusted with the double milling cutters to enhance the edge banding outcome. In addition to strengthening the link between the edge banding and the board, this improves integrity and appearance.

2. Gluing

For a stronger bond, the special design enables an equal application of adhesive on both sides of the edge banding material.

3. End Cutting

A consistent and smooth cutting surface may be obtained by utilizing a high-frequency motor, automated profile tracking, and an accurate linear guide rail.

4. Rough Trimming

Since the R-shaped cutter that is usually used for delicate trimming cannot be utilized to prevent breakage, the rough trimming cutter is used to eliminate extra portions during the banding of veneer edges. The normal thickness of veneer is 0.4 mm, and the first cutting of PVC and acrylic edges can also be done rough.

5. Fine Trimming

PVC and acrylic edge banding on panel furniture is the main use for the R-shaped fine trimming cutter; a minimum thickness of 0.8mm is preferred

6. Scraping

After processing, the top and bottom of the plate will seem smoother since this function eliminates the waves caused by uneven cutting.

7. Buffing

After cleaning the processed plate with a cotton polishing wheel, smooth the edge banding's end surface for a smoother finish.

8. Slotting

Panel sawing is expedited and made more convenient by using it for directly slotting wardrobe side and bottom panels as well as the aluminum edge of door panels.

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