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The Best Panel Saw of 2024

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A vital tool in the woodworking industry, the panel saw is frequently used to cut a wide range of materials, including plywood, solid wood, fiberboard, laminated board, and particleboard. They were originally used for woodworking, but today they are used by businesses to cut a variety of materials. Its main purpose is to saw and prepare panels to precise dimensions, with the option to cut in length, crosswise, or at varied angles with different blade orientations.

CNC System

Convert the inexpensive panel saw into a CNC device. When utilizing a conventional sliding table saw, large workpieces need a lot of physical labor. Tasks requiring manual pushing and labor-intensive work are considerably decreased since CNC technology can automate different cuts.

In the woodworking machinery sector, TIEGE CNC panel saws are renowned for their superior quality, which is the consequence of their significant expertise and tested technology. They are the best option available among CNC panel saw manufacturers because of their superior performance, consistent efficiency, and great cutting quality. In the parts that follow, as the editor of TIEGE's, I will go into further detail on CNC panel saws. If you're interested, please continue reading.

Best Cutting Tool For Panel Furniture

The panel saw machine, sometimes called the panel cutting saw, automatic panel saw, wood panel saw machine, is used to cut sheets into the appropriate sizes using a spinning panel saw blade. Can cut furniture panels up to 120 mm thick, and in order to reduce idle travel and increase processing efficiency, it automatically adjusts the pressure beam height based on the thickness of the plate. With the integration of CNC technology, this machine performs better than manual cutting saw machines, providing increased speed and efficiency for intricate procedures and large production. In general, the The device fits the demands of different wood cutting tasks and simplifies the cutting process.

Panel Saw

Cut Materials

These are the materials that our TIEGE panel saw cutting machines are capable of handling. Our sales team can help get approval for cutting if your material is not on the list.



● Acrylic

● Melamine

● Solid Wood

● Veneer

● Chipboard

● Plywood

● Masonite

Not Approved:

● Steel

● Adamantium

● Aluminum

● Metal in general

5 Advantages Of CNC Pane Saw

1. High Production Efficiency

The device automatically completes plate alignment, cutting, loading, and unloading tasks, demonstrating great production efficiency. The operator's labor intensity is modest as all they have to do is set the circuit board on the workstation and input parameters into the computer.

2. Cutting Thickness Up To 100mm

It is perfect for large-scale panel furniture producers that need to cut wood panels in volume since it can cut four 25mm wood boards at once.

3. Extended Lifespan

The panel saw cutting machine has a long service life and high precision retention for over 10,000 hours of operation due to its low friction coefficient and minimum wear.

4. Minimal Loss Of Friction

The CNC panel saw operates with little starting torque, delicate transmission, stable motion, accurate tracking, precise positioning, and efficient synchronization due to its low friction.

5. Plate Use Rate Of 90%

Its high utilization rate is one of this device's most noteworthy advantages. In accordance with client requirements, the program automatically optimizes the cutting plan and combination and shapes the veneer specifications into the necessary sample size.


Mostly used for cutting plates at various angles, the panel saw machine is an essential piece of machinery in the panel furniture production line. Enhancing pre- and post-sale services, as well as research and development of various panel saw kinds, are the goals of TIEGE. Contact us with the specifics of your project to obtain a complimentary quote if you have any questions about our machine.



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