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WPC Profile Wrapping With Independent Wrapping Zone For Quick Profile Changes

machine devided in two parts:a base unit and an interchangeable wrapping unit,while a wrapping unit is in production,another one can be prepared for the next profile shape to be wrapped.Easy coupling.

Product Details


PUR profile wrapping machine   (length of machine body is 6 meter )




--Max.process thickness               : 80mm covering width             :320mm

--Process length                      : 600mm—indefinite length

--Feeding speed                : 0-60m/minAccording to the actual production status

--Power of material delivery motor :     : 2.2kw

--Max.diameter of roll cover material    : 500mm

-- Heating power                     : 16KW

--Weight                            :3000kg

--Overall dimensions                  :6000 x 1000 x 1800mm


Wrapping PVCpaper ,high glossy ,leather, CPL, aluminum foil on MDF board , particle board, wooden line ,aluminum ,wood plastic and so on 

1)     With a 5 gallon PUR hot melt glue system.

2)     Glue cutter , can divide and close in middle.

3)     Stud and quick change frame can choose one of them .

4)     Electric brandPLC: France brand, Schneider

Pneumatic brand:TaiwanAirtac .


Mechanical appearance (To design for real now)Touch screen display PLC system control

1、  Sealing glue cutter ,spread glue on the film ,can control the width of spread glue better, can wrap any profile , it’s easy adjust width , just need to divide from middle to both sides, after finish working need to close and sealing by scotch tape .

 25 gallon PUR hot melt glue system , this machine use PUR glue ,after glue melting through high temperature arrived to glue cutter and spread , melting speed according to the production speed of machine to automatic adjust glue output, before the glue through the glue cutter , it need to through the filter twice ,so there won’t be particles and make glue line when spread glue .

3The hot melt glue system and machine wire butt joint by adopt aviation socket ,it’s easy operate .



4It is have a activity machine fram by each profiles,save time to install rollers,the profiles muston an qual footing,the max.wrapping widths is 320mm.



5Linear profile wrapping picture, according to different profile make different adjust , profile must be parallel between line and line , the max width of cover film is 300mm .


6Production sample .







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