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The Main Features Of Hot Melt Machine

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1, the inner surface of the tank using Teflon coating to prevent carbonization, to ensure the best state of glial to reduce congestion.

2, gear pump with frequency control, precise control of plastic output.

3, precision filter device to remove impurities, to prevent nozzle clogging

4, the temperature using precise PID intelligent control.

5, the control system with high and low temperature protection, to prevent damage to equipment. Spraying, filling, sealing, etc. Spraying machine classification According to the spray method can be divided into pump and gear pump by The number of nozzles can be divided into single-head, double-headed, long and tubular spray dispenser dispenser pressure-type dispenser automatic dispenser through a plastic machine is divided into single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive and Roller and other plastic according to product specifications into 300MM / 400MM / 500MM, and so the size of the spray coating equipment based on the required width of the spray material can be divided into 150MM, 300MM, such as different specifications



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