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Hot - Melt Machine High - Temperature Gear Pump Routine Maintenance

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1) the disintegration and cleaning of the pump, l, cooling, starting and stopping should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of operation to avoid the loss should not be.

(2) should pay attention to maintaining the stability of the booster pump population pressure, so that it has a stable volumetric efficiency, in favor of the pump itself and downstream spinning quality stability.

(3) the population of negative pressure packing shaft seal pump, packing should be maintained at a higher pressure than the external atmospheric pressure. When the back pressure is lowered, the pressure of the stuffing box should be adjusted in time. Otherwise, the pump will be sucked into the air.

(4) to regularly check the temperature of the heat medium jacket, the main front and rear cover of the heat medium temperature to be consistent.

(5) each time the output increase, to the output at the time, speed, the inlet pressure, current value recorded, and before and after the data to be compared, careful analysis, in order to early detection of abnormal and timely treatment.



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