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Common Faults And Countermeasures Are As Follows

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(1) Symptom: Pump can not nest

Reason: a, the opposite direction of rotation; b, inhalation or discharge valve closed; c, the entrance without material or pressure is too low; d, viscosity is too high, the pump can not bite

C, check the valve and pressure gauge; d, check the liquid viscosity, at low speed when the speed ratio of the flow rate is present, if the flow, the inflow of insufficient

(2) Symptom: pump flow is insufficient

Cause: a, inhalation or discharge valve closed; b, the inlet pressure is low; c, the outlet pipeline is blocked; d, packing box leakage; e, the speed is too low

C, to confirm the discharge is normal; d, fastening; a large number of leaks affect the production, should stop running, disassembly inspection; e, check the pump shaft actual speed; a, to confirm whether the valve is closed; b, check the valve is open; ;

(3) Symptom: abnormal sound

Failure reasons: a, coupling eccentric or poor lubrication b, motor failure; c, reducer abnormal; d, shaft seal at the poor installation; e, shaft deformation or wear

Countermeasure: a, find or fill the grease; b, check the motor; c, check the bearings and gear; d, check the shaft seal; e, parking disintegration check



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