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Pur Hot Melt Glue for Paper Honeycomb

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Basic Info

Morphology: Solid-State

Material: Polyester

Main Agent Composition: Thermoplastic Resin

Promoter Composition: Flexibilizer

Color: Clear

Origin: China

Bonding Function: Structural Adhesive

Application: Automobile, Construction, Woodworking, Footwear & Leather, Fiber & Garment, Packing

Classification: Hot Melt

Characteristic: Weatherability

Composition: Organic Material

Envirnment Proof: Reactive

Specification: pur

HS Code: 35069190

Product Description

Rohs Approved Reactive hot melt adhesives(PUR)

Pur melt 9305

Consruction Glue

APPLICATION: Bonding of leather, wooden material, metal, glass, textiles, PUR-foams, numerous membrane

films and plastics like PVC, ABS, PC etc.


Properties   Pur melt 9305 has middle open time and bonds fast.

           After curing there is high cold and heat resistance. Bonding are resistant to water and fairly good to solvents. The cured bonding has high mechanical properties.


Technical Data:   Base:         Polyurethane-based reactive hotmelt

               Color:         pale yellow solid

               Density:       approx. 1.10 g/cm2

               Melt Viscosity (Brookfield Thermosol-SP 29) at 160oC:  approx. 15 000-25000 mpa.s

               Application temperature:          160-175 oC

               Bond Strength:                  2-8 N/ mm2,

(Testing of tensile transverse        depending on substrates (break materials)

               Resistance-beech wood sheets 100*20*5mm)

               Working time:                    3-5 minutes@25oC

               Storage life:                     approx. 9 months

               Sensitive to cold:                 no

               Sensitive to humidity:             yes

Instructions for Use: 


The surface of the substrates must be clean dry and free from oil and grease. The temperature of the substrates must not be below 20 oC during coating as lower temperature deteriorate spreading of glue and shorten open time.


Metals should be heated to about 40oC to get better adhesion.


  After physical curing, bonded parts are quickly ready for further processing.


The adhesive can be applied by nozzle, roller and spray equipment.


As a matter of principle, care has to be taken the melting and application equipment is protected against incoming moisture. This can be reached by applying dry nitrogen or dry air.


Final strength is achieved after 5-7 days depending on availability of moisture and temperature.


Remarks:  Please care for exhaust of vapors occurring during application.

Advice:   For cleaning of melting and application equipment from not cured adhesive, we offer CLEANER JL-CA101-blue; Cured adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

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