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PVC Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

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PVC Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine  Feature

The PVC Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine can be an ideal facility used to cut heat shrinkable tube material. Due to the excellent and automatic control system, it can be controlled by a computer. The PVC Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine realizes the function to cut all kinds of tube and strip materials automatically. Equipped with various manual operations, it provides more choices for easy debugging. Using a special mechanical structure and special tools, with special software control, it solves the problem of uneven silicone tube cuts, with high performance.Due to the high performance, it ensures longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. Compared with ordinary product on the market, it is a high-speed and accurate alternative to manual production equipment. The length and speed can be adjusted continuously and arbitrarily. The high-speed stepping motor precisely controls the length of the pipe and the length and speed of the conveyor are adjustable.

PVC Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine



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