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what is Profile Wrapping Machine

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Profile Wrapping Machine It is specially used to coat PVC, PP film, lacquer paper, etc. on the surface of wood, bamboo decorative strips, aluminum, plastics and other materials. Using high-standard coating, it can cover various angles, arcs, concave and convex surfaces, pressure grooves, curling, etc. Suitable for building materials, furniture, desktops, doors and windows, decorative strips or related professional manufacturers. It can perfectly cover the surface of products with complex shapes.


1. The gluing method adopts rolling and scraping combined with gluing method (the gluing method of separate rolling or scraping can be selected).

2. The surface, sides and bottom are pasted in one go.

3. The bottom wheels are all made of silica gel aluminum wheels, which have good wear resistance and no glue.

4. It can be equipped with a substrate cleaner to automatically clean and clean the substrate entering the machine.

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