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Working principle of Working principle of profile packaging machine

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Working principle of cladding machine

working principle

Adopt various modeling press wheels to simulate the veneer action, stick the surface decoration material on the surface of the base layer, generally choose the center line or point or the lowest point of the profile as the starting point, and fix the wheel along the profile surface point by point and in sequence Position, forming the envelope of the profile profile.

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Mechanical type

Universal coating machines are generally divided into cold glue and hot glue types.

1. The cold glue coating machine uses liquid glue. Liquid glue can be divided into solvent glue and water-based glue. Glue method

There are two kinds of knife coating and roller coating. The solvent glue of easy coupons is applied by scraping,

The box is easy to be dense to prevent coating glue.

It is easy to operate with roller coating.

2. Hot glue coating machine, using de-glue, in the hot glue box of the coating machine

It is used after internal heating and melting, and the heating temperature of the coating glue is about 20°C. The side is pasted with solid wood leather and wrapping paper.

3. Combined coating machine, in order to meet different production

According to production needs, the universal coating machine has cold glue glue combination type, cold glue scraping roller coating combination type, cloth hot cloth special type, etc.



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