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Technical requirements for gluing machine

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The performance of the gluing machine not only affects the glue quality of the veneer, but also determines the amount of glue used and affects the production cost of the plywood. Therefore, there are the following technical requirements for the roller glue applicator.

1) Improve the uniformity of glue coating on the entire web of the veneer. The specific measures are as follows:

(1) Ensure the manufacturing and installation accuracy of the parts of the glue applicator. Such as ensuring the full runout of the working surface of the rubber roller and the rubber roller to the axis, the parallelism of the upper and lower rubber rollers, the parallelism of the rubber roller and the rubber roller, etc.

(2) Appropriately increase the diameter of the rubber roller.

(3) According to the different types of rubber, the rubber covered by the rubber roller adopts different hardness, and the groove on the surface of the roller adopts different shapes and sizes.

2) In order to adapt to veneers of different thicknesses, the distance between the upper and lower glue rollers should be adjustable, and the thickness of the glue layer should be easy to control and adjust. The thickness of the glue layer is mainly determined by the gap between the squeezing roller and the glue roller. The adjustment accuracy of the gap should be controlled at about 0.01mm, and the amount of glue is usually controlled within the range of 105-430g/m2.

3) Improve the wear resistance and rust resistance of the parts of the gluing machine, and install necessary safety protection devices to increase the life of the gluing machine and ensure safe operation.

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