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Technical Advantages Of Thermal Transfer Of

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1. After the transfer of glass heat and weather, the color does not change color, do not fade.

2. Thermal transfer glass color consistency, color uniformity, graphic printing fine, resolution up to 360dpi, to achieve high-definition printing on the glass.

3. Thermal transfer glass resin in a thermoset way attached to the glass surface, is a high temperature irreversible curing, its solidification after curing and strength is much higher than the solvent volatile dry silk screen printing ink or paint, with irreplaceable The advantages.

4. Thermal transfer glass transfer pattern can be used in the production process using laser and vacuum plating way to achieve the metal and a variety of psychedelic effects.

5. Glass thermal transfer compared to the glass screen printing has a more fine graphic, more vivid, more saturated colors, especially the same color stability, to avoid the silk screen color difference.

6. Glass thermal transfer compared to the glass digital jet printing with high printing efficiency, color and color temperature and weather resistance and other advantages, more than digital printing is more suitable for mass production.

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