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Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine Features

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Hot melt coater into the Chinese market is in the mid-eighties, and the Chinese machinery manufacturers to manufacture this equipment is also in the nineties. Initially hot melt coating machine is used in cosmetics and other small industries. Hot melt adhesive coating machine is a solvent, no water, at room temperature for the solid, heated to a certain extent into a flow and have a certain viscosity of the liquid adhesive, coated on the substrate , Usually containing the composite part, can be another substrate and the bonding of the substrate composite equipment.

Solvent-based and water-based adhesives require oven drying and take up more plant space while increasing plant energy consumption; resulting in more waste water and sludge; more stringent production operations; solvent defects are obvious , Is very environmentally friendly. Solvent-based glue on the environment pollution is very serious, with the improvement of people's environmental awareness and the establishment and improvement of relevant laws, solvent-based glue application is a certain rate of decline each year. Water-based glue is poor water resistance, poor electrical characteristics, long drying time, energy consumption and other shortcomings, its application is also a certain rate of decline each year. Hot melt adhesive has the advantages of stable performance, high raw material utilization rate, high production speed, high yield, small equipment area and small investment, and gradually replace the trend of solvent-based glue.

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