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Why more and more people use PUR hot melt glue machine

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PUR is widely used in medium-sized printing companies, mostly for the binding of books, periodicals and annual reports. Since most of this type of work is coated paper or cross-threaded paper, more and more users of PUR will be used in the market. In addition, more and more publishers are also aware of the advantages of PUR technology, and are beginning to use this method to obtain better quality and product durability. Even some small companies have begun to try PUR binding technology.

Hardcover book is the main application field of PUR glue binding in the future. Because the cost advantage of PUR binding cover is higher than that of thread lock, and the fourth-generation PUR technology can realize online rounding, many hardcover book manufacturers have also begun to implement this technology. Research. The number of PUR applications on hardcover books will gradually increase, and people will increasingly realize that this technology can save costs without sacrificing product quality.

PUR glue is company wholly owned enterprise---Guangzhou Sen Xin Resin Co., LTD. The products is PUR laminating glue ,PUR edge banding and PUR wrapping glue ect. German latest technology and process, is the company's scientific research team and hunan university senxin glue research centers cooperation products. Has three national invention patent applications, and has set up by the world's largest furniture and household goods retailer, Sweden "IKEA" (IKEA) has just joined supply manufacturers of quality testing, its use permission; At the same time to obtain the certificates of MSDS Report.

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