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What is the straight edge banding machine and the profiled edge banding machine?

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①Straight-edge type edge banding machine can seal and paste the edges of workpieces of rectangular, square and other shapes.


②Special-shaped edge banding machine can seal and paste various forms of special-shaped edges, as long as the curvature radius of the curve forming the special-shaped surface is appropriate, it will not cause the edge banding to break or affect the application of glue. The special-shaped edge banding machine is usually equipped with an automatic edge banding machine. Its structure is basically the same as that of the straight edge banding machine. The difference is that after the workpiece enters the edge banding machine, there is a set of special-shaped milling tool devices before the edge banding track the workpiece. The edge is milled into the required profiled edge. In order not to split the edge of the workpiece during milling, the milling device generally consists of two milling cutter heads with opposite cutting directions. The cutter head has the function of automatically approaching and disengaging during milling. The sanding device at the discharge end should correspondingly adopt the imitated sanding block with the same shape as the edge.


In order to improve the efficiency of the edge banding machine, the automatic edge banding machine can also be made into a double-sided edge banding machine, that is, to seal two parallel edges at the same time, and the working width can be adjusted as required. Due to the high price of this kind of edge banding machine, it is only suitable for large-scale wood-based panel surface processing and panel furniture manufacturing enterprises.


In the 1980s, with the development of edge banding technology and the emergence of new edge banding materials, on the basis of edge banding, post-molding seals were developed that combined veneers at the same time. This process technology can seal more complex-shaped edges.

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