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What is hot melt edge banding glue

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Hot-melt edge banding adhesive is a kind of adhesive specially used for pasting man-made boards. It is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive. When the hot melt adhesive is heated to a certain temperature, it changes from a solid state to a molten state. When it is applied to the surface of the wood-based panel substrate or the edge banding material, it cools into a solid state, and the PVC edge banding material and the board are bonded together. .

Bonding strength After the edge banding is completed, tear off the edge banding, intuitively feel the tensile strength and observe how much wood chips are adhered to the edge banding, or perform a tensile peel test. Under the same conditions (refer to the edge banding machine, edge banding strip, operation method and The environment is the same), and choose products with strong pull. In general, the strength of high temperature glue is stronger than that of medium and low temperature glue. Bond strength is a fatal factor affecting the quality of edge banding.

Bond strength and affinity

Different brands of hot melt adhesives have different initial adhesion strength and affinity. Adhesives with high initial adhesion strength help to enhance the adhesion and increase the range of adaptation to various types of edge banding, but the opening time is relatively short; the affinity is good, and it is less suitable for some difficult edge banding materials. Quality problems occur. According to the quality of domestic edge banding materials, PVC adhesive coating, melamine paper edge penetration rate, raw veneer oil content, and veneer backing paper (cloth) wettability will all affect edge banding. Too low wettability on the back of the edge banding material will cause the edge banding strength to decrease or the edge banding to fall off. When choosing hot melt adhesive, the initial tack strength and viscosity value of the selected hot melt adhesive should be suitable for your own edge banding material


The viscosity value can affect the initial tack strength and the fluidity of the hot melt adhesive, as well as the coating of the adhesive. Generally, the viscosity value of high temperature glue at 200C is set at 45000--120000mpa.s, the speed of the edge banding machine is fast, and the viscosity value of the selected glue should be medium to large. The viscosity value of medium temperature rubber 180C is set at 20000---40000mpa.s; the viscosity value of low temperature rubber 150C is set at 15000---25000mpa.s; the size of the viscosity value does not represent the viscosity strength.


The fluidity affects the uniformity of the glue coating and the penetration and wettability of the glue to the board. The fluidity is not good, the glue will be applied unevenly and intermittently when the glue is applied; the fluidity is not good, the glue cannot penetrate into the board, and the "glued nail"-like film cannot be formed; so when choosing hot melt glue, the same temperature and the same viscosity are preferred Good liquidity product under value.

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