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What are the industries of woodworking machinery

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What are the woodworking machinery industry? Next, Guangzhou Tiege Machinery Co., Ltd. will answer for you

1. Log processing machinery

Machines designed to perform initial processing of logs, such as sawing, debarking, and dehumidifying, include large circular saws, belt saws, and rotary cutters.

2. Sheet manufacturing

See Article 2 of General Woodworking Machinery. Another surface coating equipment.

3. Furniture manufacturing machinery

Including panel furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, wooden doors, etc., all aspects from sawing, forming, profiling, drilling, mortising, splicing, gluing, painting to packaging, etc., can be processed by machinery carry out.

4. Production equipment for floors, skirting boards and wallboards

The main mechanical equipment includes single-blade saw, four-sided planer, double-head milling machine, sanding machine, roller coating machine, UV

According to processing function, it can be divided into:


The main equipment is: circular saws, also called windmill saws, belt saws, single-blade longitudinal saws, multi-blade saws, sliding table saws, cutting saws, double-head saws, etc.


The main equipment includes: card peeling machine, cardless peeling machine, wood peeling machine, etc.


There are ordinary lathes, profiling lathes, back cutter lathes, CNC lathes, etc.


Ordinary planer, inclined planer, automatic planer, etc.

Milling machine

There are vertical milling machines, vertical routers, hanging routers, pneumatic hanging routers, trimming machines, double-head milling machines, combing machines, tenoning machines, CNC engraving machines, etc.


There are ordinary sanding machines, vertical and horizontal sanding machines, vibration sanding machines, edge sanding machines, sanding machines, heavy-duty sanding machines, primer sanding machines, overhead sanding machines, special-shaped sanding machines, air drum sanding machines, Qianye wheel sand, sponge wheel sand, disc sander, sliding table sander, etc.


There are vertical bench drills, horizontal bench drills, vertical row drills, horizontal row drills, vertical multi-hole drills, single row drills, multiple row drills, hinge special drills, etc.

Pressure gluing

There are cold presses, hot presses, pneumatic assembling machines, electric assembling machines, hydraulic assembling machines, length extension machines, jigsaw machines, gluing machines, etc.

There are sticker machines, edge banding machines, heat transfer machines, vacuum laminating machines, etc.

Paint coating

There are primer sanding machine, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, roller coating machine, UV dryer, curtain spraying machine, dust removal machine, belt assembly line, paint baking box, etc.

Wood treatment

Pulse dust removal system-filter

There are wood drying machines, wood humidity regulators, board patching machines, wood moisture meters, etc.

Dust removal system

The dust removal system of woodworking workshop is mainly divided into single bag filter, small indoor dust removal equipment, large pulse dust removal system, etc. 



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