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Types and process flow of laminating machine

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Working Principle of Laminating Machine — Types of Laminating Film and Process Flow

Laminating film is divided into two categories according to different equipment and processes, one is "immediate coating" and the other is "pre-coating"; among them, there are two types of spectroscopic film and sub-film.

Instant coating

It is mainly produced by the coating film processing plant or processing workshop. According to the needs, the roll plastic film is bonded to the adhesive and then dried (lightly) composited. After pressure, the paper film is adhered together to form a film-coated product. That is, the film coating equipment has two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, and the basic working principle is the same; the process flow mainly includes unwinding → gluing and pasting → drying → compounding → slitting → finished product accumulation.

Pre-coated film

The pre-coating film is a process of pre-rolling the plastic film on the glue film cloth and then laminating it with the paper printing. The pre-coating film is made by the pre-coating film processing plant according to the different specifications and sizes used. The glue is first replaced by the rewinding, and the user can choose the paper and then composite it with the printed paper.

The pre-coated film process is mainly pre-gluing → reeling → gluing replacement (hanging cheap type) → curing and cooling → rewinding → slitting → rewinding → finished product packaging. Pre-coating machine: temperature adjustment → winding → paper feeding → heating → compounding → slitting → automatic stacking → finished product.



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