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The principle of laminating machine

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(1) Paper can be protected by using a ready-to-use film as the cover. After the film is coated, the service life of the cover (or the surface of the printed product) can be extended, especially for the students' textbooks, so the amount is increasing.

(2) Imprints are not easily destroyed. After being coated with a ready-to-use film, it can increase the color effect and protect the color printed graphics without being worn. This is conducive to the publishing house editors to make various art designs on the cover or printed surface according to their needs, so it also promotes the increase in usage.

(3) The production of coating film is beneficial. The production cost of the coating film in the coating is low, easy to start, and profitable, and the enterprise can benefit.

The above three points make the instant coating film "hot", but the quality problems of the instant coating film and the impact on the binding quality, but few people pay attention to it, the following will further analyze this.

The main problems with the covers and sheets after being coated with instant coating are:

The surface blisters, wrinkles, uneven bending, separation and separation, and not easy to store, etc. These quality problems have not been solved for many years, the reasons are also many, such as:

1. The effect of different paper types.

2. The influence of different ink colors.

3. Different climate effects.

4. Influence of environment and conditions.

5. Enterprises lack the influence of scientific management.

6. The impact of personnel quality.


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