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The main components and characteristics of the hot melt glue machine

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The main components of hot melt adhesives, namely the basic resin, are copolymerized with ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure, and then mixed with tackifiers, viscosity modifiers, and antioxidants to make hot melt adhesives. Polyurethane polyurethanes include pressure-sensitive adhesives and PUR water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives: Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives are a type of pressure-sensitive adhesives, mainly composed of synthetic rubber, resin and rubber oil, etc., mixed and heated to a molten state and then coated on A new type of adhesive tape made on a substrate such as tissue paper, cloth or plastic film. Low cost is its biggest advantage. The disadvantage is that the viscosity is significantly affected by temperature. Mainly used for all kinds of sealing, box sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, sealing aluminum foil, flexible packaging and other packaging; environmental protection paper pallets, etc., suitable for various materials. The sealing glue is used for bonding all kinds of glazing, polishing, calendering, PP composites, such as PET, PP transparent boxes, films, non-woven products, cosmetic box packaging, food box packaging, cigarette box packaging, Tetra Pak beverage packaging, etc. , Assembled furniture edge banding, electronics industry, automotive interior sealing, car lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly, etc.), non-woven sanitary napkins, diapers, diapers, insoles, disposable daily necessities, coated composite label paper, labels Double-sided tape, mouse sticky board, fly paper, wooden floor, carpet glue, band-aid, medical breathable tape, color box packaging, carton packaging adhesive, adhesive tape and other difficult-to-stick materials have strong adhesion ; Good thermal stability, no impurities, good operability; Excellent weather resistance; Aluminum foil sealing hot melt adhesive has unique water resistance and waterproof characteristics. Hot-melt adhesives have the advantages of stable performance, high raw material utilization, fast production speed, high yield, small equipment footprint and small investment. Other main adhesive products are acrylic epoxy adhesives, acrylics, acrylics, acrylics, methyl acrylates, Copolymer latexes such as ethyl acrylate and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate can be used as adhesives for electrostatic flocking and flocking, with good fastness and hand feeling. Epoxy adhesive Epoxy adhesive has the characteristics of low shrinkage, mildew resistance, and stable properties. Used in aviation, automobiles, building materials, electronic appliances, machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, petroleum and chemical industries.



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