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Pur laminating machine application range

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PUR Laminating Film Machine is designed by using PUR adhesive to laminate veneers, PVC film, melamine paper, painting paper onto panel made from aluminum, medium density fiber board (MDF), PVC, Acrylin and so on.

The panel can be automatically fed, cleaned by roller brush and pre-heated, film can be unwinding and unrolling automaticaally and daubed with PUR glue 


1. PUR/SOLVENT/PVAC adhesive versatile

2. Gluing even and accurately

3. Heating temp is adjustable based-on production needy

4. Speeding adjustable

5. Double application of coil and sheet lamination

6. Feasible substrates: MDF, HDF, plywood, Real-wood, particle board, WPC board, plastic boards, door boards, metallic boards,alum board ie.

7. Lamination range: PVC, PET, PETG, veneer, composite fabric, leather, paper, alum foil, cloth, ie

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