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Paper Sticking Machine

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The sticker machine (laminating machine) is suitable for sticking various colors of wood-grain paper, paint-free paper, aluminum foil paper, etc. on the surface of various density boards, medium-density boards, and fire-retardant boards. This machine can automatically apply glue, bake glue, veneer, cold press, hot press, and cut off the continuous operation. It has a high degree of automation and good veneer effect. It does not need to use other equipment to pressurize. It is a veneer gypsum board factory and a decorative material company. The ideal equipment for decorative veneer film.


Scope of application:  sticker machine production line is specially designed to paste PVC decorative paper and paint paper on the upper surface of flat panels (such as: density board, particle board, iron board, gypsum board, marble board, etc.). It has a flat surface, Can not run, no wrinkles, high efficiency characteristics.

Paper Sticking Machine TMA II



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