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PUR edge banding technology

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Overview of PUR glue

The Chinese name of PUR adhesive is polyurethane hot melt adhesive, also called reactive hot melt adhesive. Isocyanate grade in glue

It reacts with moisture and hydroxyl to cure. It takes several hours or days to fully cure and form a cross-linked network

structure. After the cross-linked network structure is cured, the irreversible adhesive layer has excellent water resistance, high temperature resistance, and solvent resistance.


The form of the glue is granular, and there are also specially made columnar glue sticks. At present, the world's adhesive manufacturers can provide it.

Comparison of PUR glue characteristics

Compared with PUR glue and EVA glue, there is a very big difference, that is, ordinary EVA can be reversed.

It is the cooling change after heating, and softening after preheating, which is why in the process of long-term use

The quality will decrease, and it must be veneered and then sealed. PUR's wet process is irreversible, so PUR is better

Many, whether it is under humidity and normal temperature are irreversible, water will only make it stronger.

The difference between the reaction principle of PUR and EVA: the curing of PUR is irreversible, the curing of EVA glue is at temperature,

When the humidity changes, it will reverse.

Water resistance of PUR glue after edge sealing: PUR glue has relatively excellent water resistance after curing:



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