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Maintenance during daily use of laminating machine

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Laminating machine is a kind of machine that has replaced the traditional manual mechanical painting process and has been widely used in this field. But just like every machine, it will have its service life. Some people do not Note that maintenance and maintenance may soon be damaged and unable to operate, and a good maintenance habit will bring you unexpected results, which may greatly extend the service life of the coating machine. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the coating machine is very important. So what do we usually do for its maintenance and maintenance, let us briefly introduce you:

1. The working place of the laminating machine should be kept fairly clean to prevent some dust from falling into the glue coating system, which will directly lead to the degradation of the glue quality.

2. The lubricating oil in the reducer gearbox of the laminating machine should be replaced with new lubricating oil after the first use for one month, and then the lubricating oil should be replaced every six months. At the stage of heavy workload, It needs to be replaced every three months. In the summer when the temperature is relatively hot, you should replace the high-viscosity reducer lubricating oil. When the temperature is relatively low in winter, you should replace the low-viscosity gearbox lubricating oil. The parts of the chain should be added with butter once a month.

3. After the work is completed, the main power supply must be turned off.

4. When overhauling the laminating machine or adjusting parts, it should be handled by related professionals.

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