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Laminating machine use

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According to the different equipment and process, the laminating film is divided into two categories, one is "that is, coating film", and the other is "pre-coating film"; there are two kinds of film and sub-film.

Instant-coated film is a process that uses instant-coated film machine to immediately stick film with glue to carry out paper-plastic compounding. It is mainly produced by a coating film processing plant or a processing workshop, and the roll plastic film is coated with an adhesive according to needs, dried (slightly) compounded, and after pressure, the paper film is adhered together to form a coated product. That is, there are two types of coating equipment: automatic and semi-automatic, and the basic working principle is the same; the main process flow is unwinding gluing and coating drying compounding slitting finished product accumulation.

1. Unwind

2. Glue coating

A. Roller reversal type; B, concave type; C, no squeegee roll extrusion; D, direct type with a scraper.

3. Dry

A. Evaporation; B. Heating; C. Solvent removal.

4. Compound

A, hot pressing roller; B, rubber pressure roller; C, pressure adjustment.

5. Print input

6. Recover the accumulation

1.2 Pre-coating film

The pre-coating film is a process of rewinding the plastic film on the plastic film in advance, and then compounding it with paper prints. The pre-coated film is pre-coated by the pre-coated film processing plant according to the difference in the size of the application format. The glue is coated and rewinded, and then used by the factory to select and then compound with the printed paper.

The pre-coating film process flow is mainly pre-glue roll-up glue-coating (hanging type) solidification and cooling rewinding slitting rewinding finished product packaging. Pre-coating machine: temperature adjustmentwindingpaper feedingheatingcompositeslittingautomatic stackingfinished product.

There are three types of pre-coated film: thermal film, pressure sensitive film and special film. The binding is mainly used in two kinds of thermal film: BOPP, PET (the other is N nylon)

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