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Laminating machine pre-coating type

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This machine coating is formed at one time, and the consumables used have been coated with glue. When the coating is applied, the glue is melted by heating, and then the film is adhered to the printed matter by pressure. This kind of laminating equipment is cheap, simple to operate, and does not produce harmful gases during operation. It is a trend in the development of laminating. In today's society that is increasingly focusing on environmental protection, it is believed that this technology will one day replace the pre-coating type of pre-coating. The main laminating technology in domestic printing industry. The disadvantage is that this technology is not very mature in China, and there are still some problems to be solved, such as: single-sided film curling (there is a single-sided anti-curling machine, but the price is higher), and the printed matter with silicone oil is difficult to cover Membrane etc. It is widely used in short-run printing and digital quick printing industries.

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