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The 19th China (Guangzhou ) International Building Decoration Fair
- Jun 03, 2017 -

2017 CBD Fair (Guangzhou)

Enriched by 18 years' successful experience,CBD Fair (Guangzhou) sticks to the principle of making a professional fair with complete range of exhibits.It has developed into the world's largest show of building decoration with a total exhibition area of 380,000 square meters.Also,CBD Fair(Guangzhou) is well-known as Asia's No.1 building decoration fair and spread it's huge influences all over Asia.Every July ,professional visitors flood in and gather here to witness this huge industrial event .


Address:Canton Fair Complex,PWTC Expo 

Company :Guangzhou Taizhan(TIEGE) Machinery CO.,LTD 

Booth Number : 11.1-35 

Machine Display : PUR laminating machine ,PUR profile wrapping machine ,PUR laminating and wrapping machine 

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