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PUR Highgloss PVC Laminating Machine Working Video
- May 02, 2017 -

1.Laminate material :High-gloss pvc , acrylic , HPL, PVC board and metal board ,PE, PET ,PVC, veneer , paper .ect.

2.Based panel material :MDF board ,chipboard, plywood, gypsum board, HPL, foam board ,aluminum panel ,steel panel.

3.Glue: PUR hotmelt glue .

4.User :Furniture ,cabinet ,panel door producer ,new building material factory ,high-grade decoration board factory .

PUR laminating machine :

As the PUR glue need the high quality environment, also the temperature need high and workshop need clean and constant temperature, we also suggest customer to make a air-condition for glue spread machine. And the glue spread machine must have the door to cover it so that can keep it clean and the temperature. It is better to make air-condition house for glue machine.

Best condition of workshop: temperature: 20 degree, Humidity:60%

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