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Polyurethane Polyurethane, Including Pressure-sensitive Adhesive And PUR Water-based Plastic Pressure-sensitive Adhesive:
- Mar 10, 2017 -

Hot melt adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive, is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, mainly by the synthetic rubber and resin and rubber oil. Mixed into a molten state and then coated in cotton paper, cloth or plastic film and other substrates made of a new type of adhesive tape, low cost is its greatest advantage, the defect is affected by the viscosity of the more obvious. Mainly used for all kinds of sealing, sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, sealing aluminum foil, flexible packaging and other packaging used; PET, PP transparent box, film, non-woven products bonding, cosmetic box packaging, food box packaging, cigarette packaging, Tetra Pak beverage packaging, etc., all kinds of polishing, polishing, calendering, PP composite , Non-woven sanitary napkins, diapers, diapers, insoles, disposable daily necessities, coated composite trademark paper, labels, and so on, the production of furniture, edge, electronic industry, automotive interior seal, lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly, Double-sided tape, sticky mouse plate, sticky fly paper, wood flooring, carpet over plastic, Band-Aid, medical breathable tape, color box packaging, carton packaging glue, adhesive tape and other adhesive materials are strong adhesion ; Good thermal stability, no impurities, good operability; excellent weather resistance; aluminum foil sealing hot melt adhesive unique water, water features.