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Hot Melt Coater Non-fixed Cycle Cleaning:
- Feb 14, 2017 -

Coating method and the glue level to be changed when the hot melt adhesive coating machine to clean the head, cleaning the glue must be solidified before the Tuotou removed, with a dry gauze dipped in 1620 solvent to clean the painted head. During the production process, the equipment should be wiped off with a clean gauze. Half a month cleaning hot melt coater coating machine filter. Hot melt adhesive coating machine coating head cleaning. More than a month to stop production, all coating equipment are required in accordance with the above-mentioned day, before and after the batch, half a month and non-fixed cycle clean the contents and requirements of all clean before they can be put into use; for hot melt coating machine, Empty the original glue to be added after about 30Kg white ore dissolved residual glue, emptied after the need to add about 30Kg white ore oil dissolved again, completely emptying after use.