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Hot-melt Adhesives Hot-melt Adhesives And Traditional Glue Compared To 7 Major Advantages
- Mar 10, 2017 -

Hot-melt adhesives spray technology and the traditional form of sealing compared to the advantages can be summarized as the following seven aspects

1. Seal with hot melt, suitable for high-speed, high automation of modern production;

(2) lower cost than traditional sealing with sealing;

3. High bonding strength, so that the carton is not easy deformation, not easy to crack;

4. Environmental protection, can be recovered with the carton, without separation, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used for direct contact with food and food carton packaging;

5. Can not be restored after unpacking, suitable for a one-time product packaging and security;

6. The use of hot melt fluidity, carton sealing effect can be achieved;

7. The use of hot-melt adhesive coating pattern, can play a security effect.