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Clean The Control Of The Pressure Of The Three-point Combination Of Filters
- Feb 14, 2017 -

Clean the inside of the power control box, in the process of cleaning up, please be careful not to loose any wire joints, in order to avoid the phenomenon of short circuit. Check the wire end fittings are secure. As the machine by vibration and repeated heating cooling, will cause the wire connector loose, the phenomenon of short circuit. Check the insulation pipe and pneumatic needle valve nozzle combination of whether there is a leak around the phenomenon. Check if there is any leak in the connection between the insulation tube and the manifold. If this happens, use a movable wrench to loosen the joint here to check if the copper washer is damaged, cleaned or, if necessary, Its replacement out. Check the motor and its driven chain gear movement is abnormal or produce a voice, if necessary, in the chain gear device smear high temperature lubricants.

When the filter combination of foreign body blocked or damaged, and the combination of insulation pipe and pneumatic needle nozzle with hot melt adhesive formed carbide, will cause the nozzle (Nozzle) block. Carbide formation is mainly because the hot melt is heated to exceed the allowable temperature, in which case, sometimes need to heat pipe and nozzle combination to replace.